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        Write for Us

        Guest Post Guidelines:

        Article length should be minimum of?1500+ words.

        Article Topic?: Article Topic should be health-related like disease, fitness, weight loss, nutrition, health, or exercise-related. Out of topic article will be rejected immediately .


        Make sure that you follow these on-page suggestions when you are creating post:
        ● The main keyword should be in an h1 heading somewhere in the page
        ● One image will have an alt-text that is the same as the keyword
        ● Another image will have a variation of the keyword as alt-text
        ● One h2 which will be a variation of the main keyword (if your main keyword is
        wedding photographer Dublin, then an h1 can be Wedding photographer Dublin and a
        h2 can be something like, Why Are We The Best Wedding Photographer in Dublin).
        ● We want at least 5 LSI variations of the keyword naturally throughout the page.
        ● Make sure that the page has 3 internal links to other pages of the site
        ● Make sure that the page has 1 external links to other websites (don’t link to a


        Contact – [email protected] for guest post

        Health Twig
        Health Twig
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